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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Starter Kit work?

Our Starter Kit is designed so that you can try multiple formulations to identify which nootropics work best with your unique brain chemistry.

Each week you will sample one of your recommended blends, and record how you respond in the Starter Kit booklet.

Things to note would include increased productivity, decreased procrastination, enhanced focus and any changes in your routine.

At the end of the month we will connect with you to see which Formulas worked best, and customize accordingly.

What's included in the Starter Kit?

You will receive four distinct nootropic formulations totaling a four week supply, an instructional booklet, and access to our team of nootropic experts and wellness coaches to help you set and achieve your goals!

You will also receive email messages with additional instructions to make the most of this exploratory month.

What makes Thesis special?

We offer the most advanced nootropic system available, to find the exact compliment for your specific brain chemistry and desired areas of focus.

Our innovative Starter Kit allows you to experience multiple formulations, and determine what works best. Our process is complex because we’ve found that it yields the best results in the shortest amount of time.

If we could formulate one pill that would work for everyone, we would! Because the human brain is deeply complex, that is just not possible.

How soon will I start to see results?

Depending on your genetics and experience with nootropics, the effects can be felt in as little as 30 minutes after taking each blend.

Nootropics have the most impact when taken on an empty stomach, just after waking from a normal night of rest.

Some people may need a few days of consecutive use to feel the effects of the nutrients.

How soon will my order arrive?

Thesis is shipped from our headquarters in New York City, via First Class Mail through the USPS, and takes about 1-3 business days to arrive within the continental US. Orders will be shipped same-day whenever possible.

If you are in need of priority shipping, email us ( as soon as your order is placed, and we will upgrade it for you!

 Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try Thesis risk-free for 30 days. 9 out of 10 people find at least one formulation that works for them, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones, we will happily provide a full refund.
No questions asked.