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Every ingredient in our blends undergoes a rigorous, multi-step evaluation to ensure they meet our ethical, medical, and legal standards. We select only well-established ingredients shown to be effective and safe based on clinical trials, and all of our formulas are third-party tested for purity.

Nootropics and Functional Mushrooms

Nootropics and functional mushrooms allow your brain to do what it does anyway, but faster, more efficiently, and at a higher amplitude. You’ll notice a difference within a few days, and results tend to compound over time.

Choline Sources

Your body needs choline to make acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter known for memory, learning, and protecting the brain from symptoms of aging. Choline is found in foods, but you may not be getting enough for optimal brain performance. Our blends include the right amount of choline to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your mind.

Vitamins & Adaptogens

You get your brain’s preferred amino acids and vitamins in small amounts from food. We’ve concentrated those nutrients into optimal amounts so that your brain can fully power up, every single day. To take it a step further, we’ve paired these nutrients with plant-based adaptogens that traditional healers have used for thousands of years to restore balance in the body. We selected specific ingredients to help protect your delicate brain cells from the elements and from everyday wear and tear.


"My go to. I was expected and fearing jittery and nervous energy like having too much caffeine... this is nothing like that. I feel energized at a different level, no nervousness it shakes. Love it."

Brently P.

"I use my formula and I feel amazing. I pick out which one I think would benefit me for the day, if I need motivation or energy or anything. They keep me alert and energized so I can make it through my day. They are amazing for me."

Carla D.

"After taking for 1 week I started to feel the affects. I was very energized and it helps me get through the day with ease. I didn’t burn out at the end of the day or week."

Tiffany A.

"I do feel the difference! It’s nice because I don’t feel jittery nor does my heart race it’s just a good clean energized feeling!"

Rebecca N.

"Being a mom to a 9 year old and 2 year old while also being a director of a company can be hectic. I always felt a little sluggish during the days. Energy was a big issue for me. I loved the energy blend. It gave me energy throughout the day with no hard crash at the end of the day."

Carrie S.

"I always feel energized and focus without the afternoon crash that I typically experience with coffee. I can get hours of work done and stay motivated all day."

Renee B.

"This has changed my life. For years I've been trying to keep my diets and exercise routines. The Motivation formula has helped me a lot! Furthermore, to keep my energy levels I've been taking the Energy formula. I recommend to all my friends and family."

Esdras A.

"I feel alert and energized all day. I have significantly greater mental stamina in addition to physical"

Colan S.


"I felt really good, overall. Had significant energy and motivation to do not only the things that required my physical attention and energy, but also my cognitive attention and focus. Had sharper focus, greater attention span, and better memory."

Risha H.

"Motivation is perfect for a "case of the Monday's" when it is tough to get focused after a weekend away. I notice it helps me get back on task and knock out enough to have a productive start to the week."

Amanda J.

"I love Clarity. It really does make me more focused so I can stay on task and get more done at work."


"I purchased the starter kit and was surprised at how much each formula worked to help me focus on my day and get things done."

Lori B.

"It’s great for focus, particularly at work. Organization and staying on task seem much easier."

Bailey H.

"I really doubted the difference that the individual formulas could have. But it's significant. Clarity gives me a day of focused and clear thought despite the chaos around me."

Brently P.

"Helped with my ability to focus on the task at hand, something I've struggled with for years! Allowed me to focus on just one thing and not think about the millions of other ideas swirling through my head."

Morgan G.

"This has been an informative journey with Formula. I started a new job last year, and the starter kit has allowed me to focus deeply and be highly functional in a high performing role at work."

Katherine D.

Crash-free Stimulant

"It felt very similar to when I take prescription stimulants but without making me moody or affecting my sleep"

Hannah R.

"I have trouble with motivation, focusing, and procrastinating. I found a formula that helps me overcome all of these problems without the harsh side effects of prescription medications."

Sam M.

"Really does help. I have been clinically diagnose with adhd and I would say that this helped in various ways. I think there are a lot of mental barriers that adhd people can create for themselves, this has helped eliminate some of those barriers and made it easier to get started on a task. Worth trying! "

Sandra M.

"I am honestly so surprised how great this product is. I have a lot of ADHD type behaviors, have trouble focusing on one task, but this Motivation formula allows me to drive right through it all and focus on what needs to get done. LOVE THIS!"


"After being on a prescribed stimulant for ADD/ADHD for over 15 years I didn't think there was any other option in order for me to be able to focus and achieve my daily work- until I came across this and most specifically the "Creativity Blend." Now this product has become a part of my daily routine allowing me to get through all my tasks without those awful side effects of a stimulant! "

Merey G.

"I’ve tried a ton of substitutions for prescription stimulants and this by far works the best. I have steady focus on whatever packet I need for the day. Motivation? No procrastination. Extra boost for the day? Energy has me covered. Seriously I tell all my friends and family about this product, I love nootropics and Thesis!"

Brennen D.

"After taking prescription stimulants for 5+ yrs, I could not handle the intense anxiety that’d hit me as soon as I took the med. I’m so happy I found my formula! The Energy blend is my life saver. It gives me gentle boost to get moving. No jitters or anxiety whatsoever"

Kourtney R.

"Halfway through starter pack, very impressed with how quickly effects are experienced. Not only that but they remain consistent. I just found out they have caffeine free option as well. For me it’s necessary I have a weird reaction to stimulants. Worth trying, you will definitely feel it. Oh yeah, customer service has rocked! I had random questions over first weekend was getting email responses 10pm on Saturday within an hour of initiating the conversation. Good stuff!"

Duffy D.


"Energy gave me a great boost to get through my day and elevated my mood in a way that made me ready for anything!"

Tamra F.

"I like that it’s a very clean energy, my mood feels uplifted and I was energetic all day."

Sarah R.

"I struggle with mind fog usually, but the clarity formula reduces that fog. Since using it I’ve found that my mind is calmer and faster, and my overall mood is improved."

Rosie W.

"Happier mood, more energy, levelheaded throughout the day and in stressful situations."

Delaney T.

"I’ve tried all the different formulas but the energy formula is exactly what I need. It gives me the perfect amount of energy and puts me in a good mood"

David J.

"This gave me a great start to the day that really helped me accomplish what I needed to. I had a great mood and had no crash."

Allison R.

"I’ve always had a hard time focusing and have been dealing with depression and anxiety most of my life. It’s made school and work very difficult. Energy gave me the boost of motivation I needed to get things done and logic helped me focus and stay engaged, they both helped boost my mood. I take logic with caffeine right after I wake up in the morning, I feel focused and ready for the day. "

Sandra M

"From overall energy and motivation to things as helpful as vocabulary acquisition to overall mood elevation. If you’re in an environment that an advantage is helpful, this will do that for you!!"

Rex W.


"I took energy in the morning before work and I noticed I was able to think clearly and stay focused during my day and felt like my memory recall and reaction time to stimulus was fast. I liked how it made me feel!"

Rex F.

"I love this because it helps me focus not only on creative tasks for my work as an interior design but also in social situations. I seem to have more positive energy and can recall words and memory better in conversation and also it feels more enjoyable and productive when doing my work. "

Ashlee S.

"I felt like my brain fog disappeared and I was able to hyper focus. I also had better memory and quicker thinking time."

Giulia B.

"I really love these supplements. One thing I have noticed is an improvement in my short term memory."

Beverly C.

"Had better verbal fluency and memory for my job interview!"

Susan P.

"Memory recall, ability to connect phrases words to memory, interviewing techniques noticeably improved. Mental clarity and acuity on point nearly all day"

Laurie B.

"My favorite. Calm focused energy, intense memory, was able to multitask well."

Taylor B.

"It gave me motivation. Mental clarity. Better working memory. Even uplifted my mood. I was very productive but not jittery."

Tarra M.

Our Thesis is your cognitive confidence.

Discovering nootropics changed our lives, and we founded Thesis to bring the power of personalized nootropics to a wider audience. By leveraging our 30K+ user data set, we make it easier for you to find the right stack for your unique brain chemistry.

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