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Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Functional Medicine & Nutritional Sciences

“I work with CEOs, celebrities, and other top performers in my practice. Thesis is what I recommend and take personally for focus and cognition. I even used it to help me nail my first TedX talk.”

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Kevin Love

Professional Basketball Player & Mental Health Advocate

“With a busy life on and off the court, Thesis gives me energy and focus to get through the longest days and keep me sharp.”

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Rich Roll

Ultra-endurance Athlete & Nutrition Advocate

"Thesis has provided a substantial benefit to my ability to focus. Creativity works best for me — I take it 30 mins before a podcast or writing and it helps get me into the zone."

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Pure and effective ingredients


Pure and effective ingredients

Potent Active Ingredients

Quality counts when supplementing, and only the active ingredients in a blend make an impact.

Clinically Studied Ingredients

We only use nutrients that have been proven to deliver desired effects in clinical trials.

Lab Tested

All ingredients in each batch are tested with a third party lab to ensure optimal potency and purity.

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